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Problems that makes you need ourWebstore...

Lack of Online Presence

Lots of businesses, especially small ones, might not be online. Making a website lets them talk to more people and join the growing online market.

Cost Effectiveness

Paying a web developer to make a special website can cost a lot. Using a webstore builder is usually cheaper because you pay a subscription fee or only for what you use.


As a business gets bigger, its website might need to change too. We also make it easy for businesses to grow their website by adding new products, features, and things it can do whenever they need to.

Problems that makes you need ourWebstore...

SiteGiant Webstore?

SiteGiant makes it easy to make and run online stores with its simple platform. There are lots of different looks to choose from for your store, and you can change them to fit your brand. Adding, changing, and organizing stuff to sell is easy. You can keep track of orders easily, see where things are going, and make sure payments are safe.

Why Should We ChooseSiteGiant Webstore?

The platform helps sellers handle many online shops like Lazada, Shopee and Facebook Marketplace all in one place, making things easier and faster.

The platform has a tool to decorate webstores, making it simple to change websites to fit what your business needs.

Make sure your online shop looks great on any device. SiteGiant lets you change how your store looks on computer, tablets and phones so that customers can shop smoothly wherever they are.

Make your webstore's menu better with a smooth drop-down menu. You can even add pictures and little symbols to go with the links to make it look nicer.

Create your online store easily without having to know how to coding. use ready made content blocks to design your store smoothly.

Make your own awesome website easily with our features

Payment gateway integration

We offer various payment options! Our Webstore links with services like eGHL, Razer, iPay88, and more. You can pay with Buy Now Pay Later, Online Bank Transfer, or Credit Card.

Shipping Logistics

We work with lots of delivery services like J&T Express, Ninja Van, PosLaju, EasyParcel, and others to make sure your packages get to you safely and on time.

SEO friendly webstore

Our website platform boosts your online visibility. It's user-friendly and enhances search engine visibility. Plus, you can use our blog to attract more attention to your business.

Multi currency checkout

We make it simple for worldwide customers to shop on your site! They can see product prices in their own currency, making shopping easier and they can estimate their budget.

Convenient checkout

Make buying stuff super fast and easy for your customers! They can finish their purchases in just a few clicks, so there's no extra steps to worry about.

Product review

Boost your brand with customer reviews! Seamlessly display your Shopee ratings on your web store, building trust and confidence with potential customers.

See what our customers have made! Imagine having your own online store....


Frequently asked question

To apply for a job at Xtree Solutions

Yes, SiteGiant Webstore provides customizable website templates and design options, allowing you to create a unique and branded online store that suits your business

SiteGiant Webstore lets you connect with safe ways for customers to pay you. They can use credit cards , online banking, and other easy ways to pay for what they want to buy.

Yes , SiteGiant Webstore is mobile responsive, ensuring that your online store looks and functions well on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

SiteGiant Webstore can work together with other helpful services like shipping companies , accounting software and tools, that help you understand your business better. This makes it easier for you to run your store and gives you extra features to use.

Explore SiteGiant solutions to make your business work better and easier.


Easily keep track of all your products, orders, and inventory in one convenient place.


Improve how your warehouse works, keep better track of your inventory, and get orders out faster.


Bring together your online and offline sales in a single location.


Connect your online and offline business to make shopping smooth for customers.

Mobile App (Smart Scan)

Improve how you handle orders and easily keep track of your inventory using just your smartphone.

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