SiteGiant Mobile App
(Smart Scan)

Make sure you get the right orders and manage your stuff better using just your only smartphone.

Benefits of the SiteGiant Mobile App (Smart Scan)

Your work will be faster and easier with these tools

Find out how SiteGiant Mobile App with Smart Scan can make your job easier. This cool tool helps you manage stuff and fill orders better. Just use your phone to scan items, and you’ll keep track of what you have and get orders out faster.  No more counting things by hand – now you can work smarter with SiteGiant Mobile App.

Handle return with ease

Use your phone to deal with returns. If the stuff coming back is still good, you can put it back on the shelves and update what you have.

Incoming stock

Easily add new items to your inventory using the mobile app. When you do, the amount of stock you have will automatically update everywhere you sell stuff

Carrier Manifest

Make a list of all the stuff you sned out each day, called a carrier manifest. It shows that your orders got delivered.

Inventory stock adjustments

Change how much stuff you have in stock quickly with your phone. You can make the number go up or down and write notes about it if you need to.

How does it function

1. Download and install SiteGiant Mobile App (Smart Scan)

2. Login to Mobile App

3. Start scanning the tracking number on the shipping label with your smartphone

With each scan, you will notice...

1. Successful Scan

When you see a green checkmark after scanning, it means you can go ahead and pack the order. You can also scan the item’s barcode to double-check if it’s the right one for the order.

2. Invalid Scan

If you accidentally pack an order twice or pack one that’s been canceled, a warning message will pop up to let you know.

Frequently asked question

Smart Scan in the SiteGiant mobile app makes managing your online store's inventory easy. Just use your phone's camera to scan barcodes or QR codes on your products. This updates product info, stock levels, and prices quickly and accurately. No more typing everything in by hand - Smart Scan saves you time and keeps your inventory updated.

Connecting your store's online and in-person sales systems with SiteGiant has a lot of perks. It means your inventory updates automatically, so you don't have to do it by hand. This helps avoid selling items you don't have or running out of stock.

Smart Scan lets you scan lots of products at once. Whether you're restocking or counting, you can scan a bunch of barcodes or QR codes in a row. The app updates everything for each product automatically.

Smart Scan in the SiteGiant mobile works with different barcode types like UPC, EAN, ISBN, QR codes. You can scan and update info for all kinds of products without any hassle.

Smart Scan in the SiteGiant mobile app works offline too. You can scan products and update inventory and prices even without internet. When you're back online, the app syncs everything automatically with your online store.

Come and get your Smart Scan with SiteGiant!

Get started to streamline your businesses and simplify your inventory management with SiteGiant Mobile App!